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Next Generation of internet!

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Busy with boring life right !!!😂

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OpenAI's policy no longer explicitly bans the use of its technology

Just a few days ago, OpenAI's usage policies page explicitly states that the company prohibits the use of its technology for "military and warfare" purposes. That line has since been deleted

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Xgimi introduces its new two projectors for the American market

Xgimi has two new projectors for the US: its brightest 4K smart projector, the Horizon Mak, and the Aladdin, a 3-in-1 unit that's also a ceiling light and Bluetooth speaker. Xgimi says its 4K Horizon Mak can produce 3,100 ISO lumens from its "Dual Light 2.0" laser and LED hybrid light source.............

Your First Step to run Co-Franchisee

Franchises are a great business model for creating a global brand, but they are not much more acceptable in practice for franchisees. Therefore, we have created a new business model Co-Franchising. This business model gives you much more freedom than standard franchises.


Diplomatic Passport for Digital Feature.

From now on you can create your Digital Passport and open up many possibilities for your digital identity. CyberCitix union provides protection of personal identity and registration on all networks and services under the same name. Privileges of the Unified Content and privileges can be from crossing wherever you use some of our or Partner content.Become a digital Citizen today is an exclusive platform and its own ecosystem within the Internet that offers over 50 services in one place, our goal is to create a space for users who want more than the Internet. The average user on the Internet has to use several services in order to save money, while risking privacy and numerous benefits. Start the life of a billionaire and create an Internet space according to your own wishes and needs. An exclusive space for people who know how to choose the right pleasure.

The philosophy of this network is to provide a unique online experience. Most social networks provide average content that is not relevant to you and it is mostly paid content from companies that bombard you with advertisements. Our goal is for users to create and find like-minded people in some other way. we created the Billionaire network to provide a high level of service.

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