Updated April 10, 2024

Welcome to CyberCitix Union, this is your space and your home. Through the rules and regulations adopted by the union, find the possibilities and privileges that CyberCitix Union offers you. The regulations are divided according to the standards of the union for New Users, Existing Members and Protected Members. The passport level is inside your passport on the last page according to the letters A,B,C,D you can find the privileges that the billionaire group provides for the passport you have.

New Users: All users applying for the pasos billionaire group must be at least 18 years old, come from countries that are on the white list and not be connected to criminal or political institutions. CyberCitix Union is obliged to check and confirm each user who applies from the entity itself and the entire union. The application process takes up to 7 to 30 days, depending on the level of the process that the entire union has. New users, after obtaining a passport, can use the billionaire group passport within all parts of the existing network and within the union with the privileges offered by the entity itself. Each entity must provide insight into the categories. possibly against another entity within the union. Passport updating and issuing a new one is limited by CyberCitix Union law to a validity of 2 to 4 years. In case of passport loss or identity theft, notify your own entity or the nearest e-Consulate within the union. Each E-Consulate is obliged to treat the users as their own users and, according to the rules of the union, to take the specified steps in order to protect the users.

Existing members: Every member of the union who has created his identity within the Billionaire Group or with another entity has the right to privileges and opportunities within the billionaire group network. To exercise the rights and fast application process, it is necessary to check the validity of the passport and the Category of your Passport. This gives you all the rights within our community.

Protected members: These are the holders of privileges or diplomatic passports, these persons can act according to their obligations that they received from their entity. These privileges are obtained only for employees or hired persons who perform the function of diplomacy for the entity they work for. These passports provide the highest standards and privileges for authorized members who have received the document according to the regulations, these passports are granted within a valid period of 1 to 5 years, depending on the type of debt for the entity.

CyberCitix Union Passes: This type of documentation is issued only to the main entities by the central union, as well as to secondary associates of up to 2 people who perform the function of the board of directors for their entity, with this document you have privileges as well as protected members and voting rights at union meetings on changes in rights and decision-making.

Categories within passports and privileges: Each passport of the union contains categories according to which the value of the passport is checked according to other parts of the union. Each entity determines the privileges according to the law of the union Existing members, Protected members.

Identity Protection: Every user who has successfully passed the application is obliged to leave his name that he wants to be protected in the union, then all the entities of the union will agree with your applied document and send a positive or negative answer. When your name is protected, it becomes part of the union and you can use it in If one or more entities cannot fulfill the protection of the name, it has the legal right to offer you an alternative or reject the request.

Infrastructure embargo: Each entity has the right to protect infrastructure sites that are reserved only for protected members. This decision on

Union Pardon: Each entity within the union or a Protected Member has the possibility to initiate an individual pardon, that is, to release an individual from punishment for a criminal offense or to reduce the sentence awarded to him. Along with a written report, each entity or Protected Member must submit a report on the pardon.

Diplomatic post: Each entity is obliged to provide special protocols and the possibility of using diplomatic data transfer if its own systems are down or out of order and this includes (e-mail address, infrastructural services intended for communication within the entity)

Immunity: Each entity within the CyberCitix Union is required to respect and provide a certain level of immunity from the domestic laws of the entity in which they are located. This includes immunity from banning, account blocking, disabling the use of services.

Unhindered journey: The holder of a diplomatic passport or a Protected Person can use his immunity in order to get to the service he wants to use more quickly and easily. Every entity is required to have a fast e-terminal for registering protected persons with immunity.

The right to diplomatic space: Each entity and the Protected Person should exercise the right to all the exclusive services offered by the other entity. Each entity has the right to determine and make a decision which services it will be able to use for free and which will have a discount or be paid for. Before joining, each entity should submit of its regulations on Entities and Protected Persons and thereby deliver to each entity of the union an agreement document on privileges.

Discounts for family members: Every Entity or Protected Person has the right to concessions and benefits that can be granted to entities of the Union that have an ordinary passport of the Union and can be considered as family or friends.

Creation and issuance of passports and Diplomatic passports: Each entity of the CyberCitix Union has the right to create and issue user passports according to the rules of the union. Each person must be 18 years old and be a verified person who is not part of criminal activities and political activities. Diplomatic passports are issued by the Supreme Entity that they themselves carry, according to the number of employees or according to the company's needs, the number of diplomatic passports should be distributed and limited to 0.01% of the entity's system. Each entity must report the category for the diplomatic passport and the function assigned to it and which the specified person will perform. Each Diplomatic Passport Holder must it performs the function for which the document was obtained. All entities are prohibited from selling or circumventing the law in order to hand over a document to someone without the need to possess it. The diplomatic passport was created only for employees and performs a function for the entity for which it is employed.

Design and regulations: Each entity of the union has the right to create and design its own visual identity of the passport (main page) as well as the pattern of the background page within the passport. All additional changes are already prescribed by the law of the union in order to meet the union's standards on identification. Diplomatic passports can also fulfill similar conditions, but there are clear guidelines and regulations on the parameters and appearance of diplomatic passports.

CyberCitix Union Passes and parliamentary rights: Every holder of a union passport has the right to monitor and decide on changes within the union. Parliamentary voting is used to decide on the change that is adopted according to the rules of the union. was elected.

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