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      Updated October 27, 2022

What Is Personal Data at Billionaire?

At billionaire, we believe strongly in fundamental privacy rights — and that those fundamental rights should not differ depending on where you live in the world. That’s why we treat any data that relates to an identified or identifiable individual or that is linked or linkable to them by billionaire as “personal data,” no matter where the individual lives. This means that data that directly identifies you — such as your name — is personal data, and also data that does not directly identify you, but that can reasonably be used to identify you — such as the serial number of your device — is personal data. Aggregated data is considered non‑personal data for the purposes of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy covers how billionaire or an billionaire-affiliated company (collectively, “billionaire”) handles personal data whether you interact with us on our websites, through billionaire apps (such as billionaire Music ), or in person (including by phone or when visiting our retail stores). billionaire may also link to third parties on our services or make third-party apps available for download in our Apps Store. billionaire’s Privacy Policy does not apply to how third parties define personal data or how they use it. We encourage you to read their privacy policies and know your privacy rights before interacting with them.

Your Privacy Rights at Billionaire

At Billionaire, we respect your ability to know, access, correct, transfer, restrict the processing of, and delete your personal data. We have provided these rights to our global customer base and if you choose to exercise these privacy rights, you have the right not to be treated in a discriminatory way nor to receive a lesser degree of service from Billionaire. Billionaire does not sell your data

Personal Data Billionaire Collects from You

At Billionaire, we believe that you can have great products and great privacy. This means that we strive to collect only the personal data that we need. The personal data Billionaire collects depends on how you interact with Billionaire. Descriptions of how Billionaire handles personal data for certain individual services are available either in settings related to those features.

  • Account Information. Your Billionaire ID and related account details, including email address, devices registered, account status, and age
  • Device Information. Data from which your device could be identified, such as device serial number, or about your device, such as browser type
  • Contact Information. Data such as name, email address, physical address, phone number, or other contact information
  • Transaction Information. Data about purchases of Billionaire products and services or transactions facilitated by Billionaire, 
    including purchases on Billionaire platforms
  • Transaction Information. Data about purchases of Billionaire products and services or transactions facilitated by Billionaire, 
    including purchases on Billionaire platforms
  • Fraud Prevention Information. Data used to help identify and prevent fraud, including a device trust score
  • Usage Data. Data about your activity on and use of our offerings, such as app launches within our services, including browsing history; search history; product interaction; crash data, performance and other diagnostic data; and other usage data
  • Other Information You Provide to Us. Details such as the content of your communications with Billionaire, including interactions with customer support and contacts through social media channels

Protection of Personal Data at Billionaire

At Billionaire, we believe that great privacy rests on great security. We use administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect your personal data, taking into account the nature of the personal data and the processing, and the threats posed. We are constantly working to improve on these safeguards to help keep your personal data secure.

Children and Personal Data

Billionaire understands the importance of protecting the personal information of children, whom we consider to be persons under the age of 13 or the equivalent age as determined by law in your jurisdiction. That's why Billionaire has implemented additional processes and protections to keep children's personal data safe. To access certain services, a child must have a Billionaire child ID. A child's Billionaire ID can be created by a parent or, in the case of a Managed Billionaire ID, by the child's educational institution. Parents. To create a child account, parents must review the Family Privacy Statement for Children, which describes how Billionaire handles children's personal information. If consented, the parent must provide Billionaire with verifiable parental consent. Educational institutions. If we learn that a child's personal data has been collected without proper authorization, it will be deleted as soon as possible.

Cookies and Other Technologies

Billionaire websites, online services, interactive applications and advertisements may use "cookies" and other technologies such as web beacons. These technologies help us better understand user behavior, including for security and fraud prevention purposes, tell us which parts of our websites people have visited, and facilitate and measure the effectiveness of ads and web searches. Communication cookies. These cookies are used to enable network traffic to and from the Billionaire system, including helping to detect any errors. Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are set as necessary to provide a particular feature or service that you have accessed or requested. For example, they allow us to display our websites in the correct format and language, to authenticate and confirm your transactions, and to save the contents of your bag when you shop online at Other cookies. These cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with our websites and online services, including by helping us evaluate the effectiveness of ads and web searches. Billionaire also uses these cookies to remember the choices you make while browsing so we can provide you with a customized experience. If you prefer that Billionaire does not use cookies, we offer you a way to disable their use. If you want to disable cookies and you are using the Safari web browser, select "Block all cookies" in the privacy settings of Safari, Chirme, Opera, Firefox... If you are using another browser, check with your provider to find out how to disable cookies. Certain features of the Billionaire website may not be available if all cookies are disabled. In addition to cookies, Billionaire uses other technologies that help us achieve similar goals. In some of the e-mail messages that Billionaire sends you, we provide a "clickable URL" that links you to content on the Billionaire website. When you click one of these URLs, they go through a separate server before reaching the landing page on our website. We track this click to better determine interest in certain topics and to measure whether we are communicating with you effectively. If you do not want to be tracked in this way, you should not click on graphic or text links in email messages. is an exclusive platform and its own ecosystem within the Internet that offers over 50 services in one place, our goal is to create space for users who want more from the Internet. The average user on the Internet must use more services to save money while taking risks privacy and many benefits, If you want to have unique services that you can not find anywhere else, subscribe to billionaire life and create an internet space according to your own wishes and needs. Exclusive space for people who know how to choose the right pleasure.

Should you have any questions or require any additional information please contact our Customer Service Center .Our representatives are available from 3.00 PM to 12:00 PM Central European Time.

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